#EngConvo: Morning Conversation With Mom


Hello hello, fellas! How was your day? I can’t believe it rained so hard just not too long ago, but only cool breeze remains now.

So, fellas! We’ve heard so many times how difficult it is for you to start speaking English. Today, we’ll start something which hopefully will help you with that. This new session is called #EngConvo where all you need is fingers to type with, imagination to think with and mouth to read out loud what you read and write. Today’s #EngConvo will be on a scenario which we encounter every single day.

Imagine it is morning, your mom’s waking you up and nagging to get you ready for school. Check out the scenario and continue the line…

Mum: Knock knock knock! Fella, wake up! You’re going to be late.

Fella (@doraadorii): This is Sunday mom! It means no school today.

Mom: Who are you…

Lihat pos aslinya 335 kata lagi


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